The Hammer Preorder

The Hammer Preorder

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2022's Biggest Drinking Product Is Available For Preorder Now! 

Introducing... The Hammer! Why shotgun one beer, when you can do five at the same time with your friends. Just smash the button down and get ready to race your squad. 

With this pre-order you are not only supporting drunk engineering but you will receive: 

Automatic entry into our campaign to win a years worth of booze! T&C's Apply & you must be over legal drinking age. 

Our Limited Release Sold Out In Just 60 Seconds. You do not want to miss out. 

We are expecting this product to be finished and shipping out within the first few months of 2022. We know how eager some of our community has been to support us and this product and if this is you, we thank you. If you don't want to wait and come with us for this journey that is more than fine! If you're looking for presents, we highly suggest checking out the new Pump Action 2.0!