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Slim Pump Action 2.0

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Color: Red

The Slim Pump Action will fit your favourite slim cans, so you can finally enjoy your Truly's, Michelob's and White Claws in style. 


The Slim Pump Action Shotgun Tool is a creative take on an age old party favourite. The name says it all: by combining the smoothness of the Pump Action mechanism with the satisfaction of cracking a cold one. Our tool is the first of many tools that will re-engineer drinking.

Have you ever wanted to place your can down before shotgunning and not spill it everywhere? Well The Pump Action 2.0 gives you just that! Line up as many cans as you want and rally up your friends for the perfect group shotgun.  

The Pump Action 2.0 is top rack dishwasher safe. Make sure to drink responsibly and have fun!