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Blackout Edition Pump Action
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Blackout Edition Pump Action

After a lot of blood, sweat, and beers the blackout edition of the Pump Action Shotgun Tool is now available! We thought of trying out a few different colors but settled on the black version because after all, blacking out after shotgunning one too many drinks is something thats happened to all of us before. 

We hope you appreciate the subtlety of the new box design and sleekness of the new color, and hope you manage to add another to your trophy case of drinking accessories! Make sure to let us know which color you like best and get excited for new upgrades and versions coming soon!!

1 comment on Blackout Edition Pump Action

  • Paolo
    PaoloDecember 10, 2021

    How can I be in one of these videos? I’m super interested in helping growing the brand and I’m a single dad and I definitely love what y’all are doing. All love.

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