• Blackout Edition Pump Action

    Blackout Edition Pump Action

    After a lot of blood, sweat, and beers the blackout edition of the Pump Action Shotgun Tool is now available! We thought of trying out a few different colors but settled on the black version because after all, blacking out...

  • Drunk Engineers Merch Design Contest

    Drunk Engineers Merch Design Contest

    We know we have a ton of talented designers and creators in our network, and we want to involve YOU in the design of our next apparel line! 
  • Beneath Vancouver Radio Podcast!

    Beneath Vancouver Radio Podcast!

    As I'm sure you can tell by the title! The team had the absolute pleasure of being featured on the Beneath Vancouver Radio podcast this week!   On an episode we filmed in late February we talk about everything that...

  • UBC Scavenger Hunts

    UBC Scavenger Hunts

    Dealing with the boredom from quarantine hasn't been too fun for the Drunk Engineers, especially with the lack of parties. We felt that it is our responsibility as to make Friday's fun again.  We have created our very own Drunk Engineers...

  • Our First Design Challenge!

    Our First Design Challenge!

    We sponsored our first engineering design challenge, the McMaster University Design League. We had over 100+ teams from over 19 countries work to design and bring to life the idea of a unique drinking product for a Bar, Night club or House Party setting.