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UBC Scavenger Hunts
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UBC Scavenger Hunts

Dealing with the boredom from quarantine hasn't been too fun for the Drunk Engineers, especially with the lack of parties. We felt that it is our responsibility as to make Friday's fun again. 

We have created our very own Drunk Engineers scavenger hunt around the University of British Columbia campus. It starts off by us hiding three Pump Actions in obscure places and then giving very interpretive clues (via our social media) to set scavenger hunters on their afternoons journey to find the prizes!

We have officially finished the second week of this and it has been an absolutely fantastic turn out so far; congratulations to all the past winners! We're looking to make these scavenger hunts all across the country very soon; if you're in the UBC area, turn on our post notifications and come win a free Pump Action this Friday!

If you're not from the area and want a scavenger hunt around your campus, flick us an email at or DM us on instagram @drunk_engineers and we'll see what we can sort out! 

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